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Below is a healthy list of common questions we've been asked over the years. Please click on any question to view its answer!

If you have any additional questions, we encourage you to contact us.

General Information:

Who are you!? And who do you work with!?

How are you different from other printers?

Do you have samples of your work?

How do I get started on a project?

How long does it take to complete a project?

How much will it cost to print something?

Can you price match? Do you offer discounts?

What are your delivery options?

What printing equipment do you use?

I have a strong opinion on something! Will you print my message?

Project Setup:

What are the largest costing factors to my project?

Is there a minimum order quantity for my project?

Why do saddle stitched books have to be in multiples of 4 pages? Why do other types of books only have to be in multiples of 2 pages?

What’s a spread?

What are printer spreads?

What are reader spreads?

What do you define as a “page” versus a “sheet”?

How do I make a ZIP file/folder?

Project Artwork:

How should I send my artwork files?

Do you have a quick reference for your artwork requirements?

How do I properly share my cloud-hosted artwork from Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive?

Can you design something for me?

What are bleeds?

What are safety margins?

What is DPI / Resolution?

Why do the colors on my screen look different than what is printed?

Can you print copyrighted work, websites, or materials?

What is a proof?

Do you offer proofreading services?

Do you keep artwork on-file?

We have specific branding requirements. Can you still help us?


What is the difference between digital printing and offset printing?

Can you print our exact company colors?

Can you do personalized messages or addressing?

What are your go-to paper types?

Can I see a physical copy of my project prior to printing the full run?

Do you have any production tolerances?

How should I store and handle my printed goods?


Is a deposit required?

How can I pay for our project?

I’m sales tax exempt—how can sales tax be removed from our invoices?

I recently received a statement and have questions regarding an invoice.

I’m past due on an invoice!